PT MAXX series

Side trailers from PT MAXX series of Auto-Tech company are created and made in mind of work comfort and strength of constructions which work in a difficult terms. We apply best materials and components used to produce trailers as: leading spindles of BPW, side profile of Fuhrmann. Frame is made from height durability constructional steel to ensure optimal weight of trailer to frame strength. Frame carrying capacity is checked in terms of optimal trailer’s work and also by computer calculative program – MSC Nastran (method of complete elements). This program researches every constructions elements. In our case it researches trailer’s frame her static and dynamic strength, buckling and vibrations.

The length of trailers is 5, 20 m. It allows to transport of 4 bales in trailers length. If we add extra frames, we can use transport surface. And we can convey 18 bales of diameter 120 cm.

In PT MAXX side trailers we use metal-rubbery packing. Side with floor is tightly jam out. Additionally, we affix rubbery seal in sides edges. This seal is only additional protection (double sealing). The trailer is hermetic, even if we do not have rubbery seal. Side-bar sealing is also metal-rubbery.

Additional working lights improves work comfort (height reversing and trailers flex).

Technical data

j.m. PT6 PT8 PT08 PT10 PT12 PT14
Capacity kg 6000 8000 8000 10000 12000 14000
Landing bin’s capacity m3 8,7 10,9 12,5 14,0 15,0 17,5
Own mass kg 2950 3300 3600 4300 4600 4800
Landing bin’s lift mm 1130 1230 1230 1380 1380 1410
Internal bin’s length mm 4500 4500 5200 5200 5200 5200
Internal bin’s width mm 2420 2420 2420 2420 2420 2420
Bin height with sweet corn’s pot mm 400+400 500+500 500+500 600+500 600+600 800+600
Height met additional mm 550 550 550 550 550 500
Standard tires inch 400/60R15,5 315/60R22,5 385/65R22,5 385/65R22,5 385/65R22,5 385/65R22,5